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If you run a nightclub or operate a venue that focuses on late-night events and parties, then a lot of what you do is about setting a mood. You are striving to create an atmosphere where customers or guests want to let their hair down, enjoy a drink or two, lose themselves in the music and have fun with friends. Obviously, having a good music selection and a better drink list is a big part of setting that kind of mood. However, aesthetics can play a significant role as well—particularly lighting.

Buy LED Furniture Online from Holstens

At Holstens, we want to help you create an intoxicating late night vibe for your next event. We carry a range of LED furniture online meant specifically for this purpose. Eye-catching and unique, these colourful light-up furniture pieces are perfect for bringing a futuristic and almost otherworldly vibe to your venue. They work particularly well in bars, nightclubs, dancehalls and upscale restaurants, but can also be perfect for wedding venues or even private parties.

So, what does the Holstens online range of LED furniture include? Start with LED stools, cubes, or cylinders that offer comfortable bar seating while still adding to the look and atmosphere of the space. Next, add tables into the mix. Holstens stocks both tall bar tables (perfect for standing groups) and shorter seated tables (great for lounge-style seating).

With our help, you can even create a full bar setup out of LED furniture. We have two different bar styles—one curvy and modern, the other straight and more traditional. Complement either with ice buckets for white wine, champagne, beer, or chilled liquor. These pieces of LED furniture are perfect for weddings because they are easy to move around and you can set them up anywhere. Indoors or outdoors, you can use LED furniture from Holstens to build your bar area.

Speaking of weddings, if you need a place for guests to dance, Holstens has that covered as well. While you are shopping our LED furniture online, check out our light-up multi-coloured dance floor. With changing designs and patterns, this LED dance floor looks great in a dimly-lit room with the music playing loud. Your guests or customers will love how the colour changes seem to keep pace with the beat of the song.

Even if you just want a few decorative LED items, Holstens has you covered. Our selection includes LED columns and spheres. Place the columns strategically around a space to create a mood and aesthetic, or float the spheres in a swimming pool to complete the presentation.

Do You Have Any Questions? Get in Touch Today!

As you can see, LED furniture is versatile and unique, capable of serving both decorative and functional purposes at the same time. If you are about to buy a piece of LED furniture online from Holstens, but have questions about our projects—perhaps about charging the LED lights in the piece—just let us know. You can reach us directly by calling +61 8 8346 8777.

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Multi Colour LED Sphere (Rechargeable)

$43.50 pcE0002Stock: 50 pcMin Order: 1   pcSize: 20cmD
Multi Colour Led Sphere (Rechargeable)

$59.80 pcE0003Stock: 5 pc + 24 on orderMin Order: 1   pcSize: 30cmD
Multi Colour Led Sphere (Rechargeable)

$97.60 pcE0004Stock: 4 pcMin Order: 1   pcSize: 40cmD
Multi Colour LED Cube Stool (Rechargeable)

$127.00 pcE0040Stock: 20 pcMin Order: 1   pcSize: 40 × 40 × 40cm
Multi Colour LED Curve Bench (Rechargeable)

$296.00 pcE0045Stock: 5 pcMin Order: 1   pcSize: 104 × 50 × 40cm
Multi Colour LED Ice Bucket Pedestal (Rechargeable)

$202.50 pcE0055Stock: 7 pcMin Order: 1   pcSize: 40cmD × 100cmH
Multi Colour LED Table Lamp (Rechargeable)

$44.90 pcE0065Stock: 33 pcMin Order: 1   pcSize: 17D × 27cmH
Multi Colour LED Bar Table (Rechargeable) - Glass Top

$389.00 pcE0086Stock: 9 pcMin Order: 1   pcSize: 60cmD × 106cmH
NEON LED Replacement Transformer (AU/NZ)

$21.50 pcE0180Stock: 2 pcMin Order: 1   pcSize: 240/12v 3A